Digestive Happiness

We all know that our bodies require proper nutrition to survive and function properly and to obtain this nutrition we obviously need to eat a well-balanced diet. Consuming the right food and drink keeps us to stay healthy and gives us the vital energy needed to accomplish various bodily tasks.

When we don’t eat the proper food and drink our bodies start to suffer with various ailments, especially that of digestive problems which can have such a profound effect on the way we live our lives.

Because our bodies require the consumption of food and drink on a regular and daily basis it is obvious to understand why having good digestive health is an issue of such significant importance. Bad digestion can’t be ignored given that it will have an effect every time we eat, every single day for a prolonged period.

If you are suffering from digestive problems, then it is time to make a very conscious effort to make a change.

Problems associated with having bad digestive health include bloating, stomach pains and cramping, constipation, diarrhoea, bad breath, heartburn or acid reflux, fatigue, strong smelling sweat, iron deficiency and IBS.

Understanding how to achieve good digestion is about understanding how our body works and what it needs to attain balance.

It starts by looking at the basic purpose of the digestive system: When we eat food, it travels through our body through various important organs, each with a specific purpose but all ideally working together in harmony to make sure that we receive all the vital nutrients that our body needs to thrive.

Unfortunately, when these elements in our digestive system are out of sync that is when we start to suffer from problems.

There are various reasons why this delicate balance may be disturbed, for example: Age, medication, anxiety and stress but mostly it can be attributed to the foods and drink we ingest and the manner in which we consume them.

Fruit and VegOur digestive health is disrupted by over eating and indulgence of rich food, drinking too much whilst eating at the same time, swallowing a lot of air whilst eating, standing or rushing around as we eat and exercising with a full stomach.

Types of food that also disturb the inner balance of digestion include excessive fatty and spicy food, highly processed food containing high levels of additives, refined foods and obviously junk food.

Having good digestive health also relies a lot on maintaining good levels of stomach acid which is an incredibly vital component for us to help break food down easily in our stomach.

Stomach acid is essential for killing any harmful bacteria in our body helping us to fight infections and boost our immune system. It plays a key role in the absorption of B12 which is a necessary vitamin to help with the formulation of blood.

Its obvious role is to help break down larger chunks of food into smaller particles therefore making the different stages of overall digestion easier as they pass through the body. If our bodies do not have enough stomach acid then food is unable to be digested and or to move through the body, meaning that over time we end up with decaying, undigested food just sitting in our stomach

So, to help boost our digestive health, we have complied a simple Pretty Local Tips for better digestion.

Learn to relax

Suffering with bad digestion and stomach complaints is also linked to our emotional state. If we are feeling angry, depressed, stressed or anxious we are more likely to disrupt the inner balance of our digestive system. Take the time to learn how to cope with theses issues and relax. Being able to calm down, even in an instant will help you to maintain a calm over your body.

Slow down and chew your food properly

Chewing your food properly will help you to enjoy your meal more and appreciate the food you are eating. It also means that you will be able to identify how hungry you actually are and reduce overeating which can lead to bloating.

Min Tea

Change your diet

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it is important none the less, take a good look at the food you are eating and identify any unhealthy habits. Cut back on highly processed foods and make sure you introduce more fibre in to your diet by eating more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains.

Do not take any unnecessary medicine

Some medicines strip the gut of the wonderful and friendly bacteria we need to maintain a happy balance in our bodies. Stop regularly taking unnecessary medicine and try instead to use an alternative remedy to help.


Increase the healthy bacteria in your body by either taking a probiotic supplement or eating probiotic foods such as yogurt, sourdough bread, pickles, kefir, olives and miso.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is a fantastic remedy if you are suffering with heart burn, acid reflux or indigestion. It helps to soothe and calm the stomach muscles therefore allowing for food to be properly broken down and digested in the body.

The Pretty Local Challenge

Your Pretty Local Challenge this month is very simple, to help to improve your digestive health we want you to make time to eat.We lead busy lives so it's no wonder that we have become accustomed to grabbing any food and eating on the go. We are so focused on fuelling up to get us through the next task that we are doing so without really thinking about the effect that this fast-paced action has on our bodies or the type of food that we are consuming.

So, make the time to stop, sit down, turn off any distracting technology and enjoy your food.

Sitting down as opposed to standing whilst eating has a positive effect on how our bodies process our food. When we are in a sitting position, we have a relaxed posture and our stomach can digest food easier. We also eat slower by chewing our food properly and therefore feel fuller and satisfied.

Turning off any distracting technology like the television or your mobile phone also means that you are focused on the task at hand, making you more aware of how hungry you are rather than just eating for the sake of it.

It is also important to choose to sit down to eat somewhere that is clear and comfortable, with room to move or stretch out your body.

For better digestive health we really need to think about changing how we eat and where we eat.

Enjoy sitting down.