Is Crab back on the menu?

We chat to Favis of Salcombe to find out what's been happening...

It's been a slow start to the 2018 crabbing season. The 'Beast from the East' and the freezing March conditions has kept the sea at well below normal temperatures. During these very cold conditions the Crabs actually chill out and don't feed like they would normally.

During the Salcombe Crab fest in May it was very obvious how little crab was being caught. In fact many local stalls said they only had a third of the amount of Crab they normally would have at that time of year, and many festival goers didn't get to sample any of the famous Salcombe Crab.

Luckily with the warmer days upon us, the amount of crab being caught is slowly increasing, but the boats are still not catching as many crab as previous years."We are actually catching a lot of Octopus, which feed on the Crab and by the time we haul the pots the crab has been eaten" explains Jen from Favis of Salcombe. "Weights are still very low due to the crab not feeding during the last few months".

"What we could do with is a Southerly Swell to bring warm water up and wake them up!" Explains Kevin from Favis of Salcombe. "What most people don't realise is that the main crabbing season is at the end of the summer, after the crabs have had time to grow and the meat is at its best".

We are hoping that crab stocks do increase and that the fishermen have a fruitful season.

Year on year there is a bigger demand for our wonderful local crab, everyone is catching on to how delicious it is.

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