Meet the producer: Bell & Loxton

The Bells of Bell & Loxton have been farming at Upton Barton in South Devon for the past 40 years. It is a family business which is run from the family farm.

Last year Rachel and Jon  were lucky enough to spend time with Kate Humble who followed them through a year on the farm. Back to the Land is a series on BBC2 on Tuesday evenings and Bell and Loxton feature on episode 2 which was aired in March.

Kate spent the time following their lives on and off the farm visiting Rachel and Jon at each season throughout the year. They spent the day at Modbury Fair where their daughter was crowned May Queen. Modbury being the town where Rachel grew up and their children go to school.

Jon spent time talking through the process of making the cold pressed rapeseed oil and tried to find a dry day to film with Kate! Geoff who is responsible for harvesting the crop was filmed, a real last minute drop in by the team to do the filming as you know farming is at the mercy of the elements.

If you missed it catch up here on BBC iplayer Back to the Land

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