Acorn Fed Chorizo 80g

Tim has sourced a delicious range of charcuterie, and although it isn't local it is a wonderful addition to his range.

The Iberico Chorizo comes from the Iberico pigs which are bread in large acorn woodlands in Spain, where they get to forage and roam.

So that a ham can be considered as Iberian ham it must come from an animal that has at least 50 percent race purity, although in Belloterra their Iberian hams are guaranteed 100% purity. 

Not only the genetic origin plays a fundamental role in the quality and flavor of the Belloterra hams, but it is equally important the natural environment of pasture and freedom in which the animal grows, as well as its food based of acorn, grass in winter and grass in summer.

The hams are aged for a period of  between 24 and 48 months.

The products have been given many awards including the "The Great Taste Awards"




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Acorn Fed Chorizo 80g

Acorn Fed Chorizo 80g -


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