Elephant Garlic (hand grown – no dig) 200g

*Loose cloves*
A speciality garlic with a beautiful warm and mild garlic flavour. The cloves may be large but their flavour is not over powering. You can use whenever you would use garlic, just keep in mind it's not as strong.

Cooking tip:
Make a bag with some thick tin foil. Place your cloves in a single layer inside, as if you're reforming the bulb.
Pour over some softened butter and season with salt and pepper.
Close the tin foil bag.
Roast at 150c for about an hour
Make some toast, The Bake House Salcombe sour dough bread is perfect for this, drizzle with olive oil and spread a clove of the gorgeous caramelised roasted elephant garlic on top. D.i.v.i.n.e!

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Elephant Garlic (hand grown – no dig) 200g

Elephant Garlic (hand grown – no dig) 200g -


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