Hot Smoked Salmon 130g approx.

When is comes to Salmon, Mark only sells the best quality sashimi grade Highland Blue salmon from Wester Ross. Essentially this means that the Salmon is the best quality farmed salmon you will find.

This is why Mark will only sell Wester Ross Salmon:

Hand feeding mean little waste. Hand reared means that everything is done by hand at the farm. Salmon are fed by hand through every stage of life at Wester Ross which allows the fish to be observed daily by a real person

Low-impact Feed  One of the world’s best “feed-conversion ratios” because we use trimmings of fish for human consumption to create a sustainable fish feed. This greatly reduces dependency on wild fish and results in a less than 1:1 FCR.

No synthetic colorants are added to the feed. The nutritional supplements that keep the fish healthy and give them their color are entirely from natural sources.

We make no routine use of antibiotics.  In fact, our fish are so well cared for, we’ve never had to use antibiotics.

Healthy Conditions  Wester Ross salmon grow up at very low stocking densities (99% water, 1% fish) to ensure happy, healthy growth, in line with the RSPCA Freedom Food standards.

Instead of using harsh chemical anitfoulants to keep the fish pens clean, the nets are cleaned by wind, rain and dried in the sun. A swim-through system of nets allows the fish to transfer between pens in a low-stress way.

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Hot Smoked Salmon 130g approx.

Hot Smoked Salmon 130g approx. -


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