NeroOro Nero D’Avola Appassimento

Intense aromas of fruits such as cherries, damsons and blackcurrant.

On the palate it's powerful, yet approachable, giving a great depth fruity flavor.

Grapes are selected from two specific areas of Sicily renowned for producing some of the best Nero D’Avola on the island – Belice and Agrigento are on the western coast.

In mid-September, a selection of the best hand-picked Nero d’Avola grapes is made, The grapes are dried using two distinct methods depending on the area the grapes come from. Both methods have been used in Sicily for centuries:
On the vine: Grapes are left on the vine for longer than usual, giving the most gentle and natural Appassimento process through dehydration on the vines.
On racks: Grapes are left to dry on racks for 15 days. The grapes are dried until they have lost 10-15% of their original weight.

Match with rich pasta dishes with meat based sauces and red meat main dishes.



Nero d'Avola 100%



NeroOro Nero D’Avola Appassimento

NeroOro Nero D’Avola Appassimento -


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