Stormy Seas…

Well we are only on the 8th of January and are coming into the 3rd storm of the year! 2018 started with Storm Dylan and then very quickly proceeded to Eleanor and we are now looking to be hit by Fionn in the next few days… Lets just say it’s been a stormy start to the year ?

It’s been nearly two weeks and the fish markets have been close to empty with very few small day boats being able to leave the dock as the seas have been far too treacherous. Mark at ‘Wild Food Devon’ will only buy the best fish caught by small day boats and wont ever buy from the large trawlers that have little care for the seabed.

Thankfully Mark preempted the stormy weather and has frozen some really lovely fish us at Pretty Local. So for January we will be able to offer our customers the same quality fish except that it will be delivered frozen. We have some great deals for you too. The Bass is exceptional; it is sold as 2 fillets and will feed 1-2 people at a very good price for this beautiful fish. Simply grill and serve with steamed veg or a salad for a really healthy and delicious start to 2018.

We hope that everyone understands and we will be supplying you with fresh fish again when the weather calms down!

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