Think warm thoughts

As we all know the Winter months and especially January can be a difficult time, with the cold weather and dark nights drawing in, it can have a huge impact on all aspects of our health making it hard to feel motivated to do very much at all.

In fact when it comes to thinking about food and cooking, it's easy to see why energy and inspiration are hard to come by.

But it's times like this we need to take even more care of ourselves to make sure that we are fuelling our fabulous bodies with delicious healthy food that will keep us warm, well and energised.

So let's think warm thoughts.

Choosing to have warm food and drink instead of cold during the winter months will benefit your body for different reasons.

It will instantly warm you up and will give you more energy. Not just more energy in your day to day physical activities but also to help with feelings of lethargy and fatigue, problems that can really affect and damage our mental health.

Warm food and drink react differently in your body and lead to better digestion, helping you to feel comfortable and less bloated.

They also have an increased nutritional value, making sure that your body is getting the best out of what you eat therefore resulting in you feeling healthier.

Warm Chicken in Broth

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On cold days a warm meal is the ultimate comfort food and here are a few tasty suggestions to get you started:

  • Start the day with a warm bowl of porridge, stewed fruit, rice pudding, eggs or kedgeree.
  • For lunch why not have a tasty hot soup, a steaming bowl of vegetable pasta or a jacket potato and chilli.
  • Use a slow cooker and come home to a delicious dinner of stew, casserole, curry or bolognese.
  • Throughout the day drink hot drinks, tea, coffee, hot water with lemon or ginger and even just a cup of warm water. All of which will give you a kick start on a cold day and enable your body to function at a much higher level.