Waste Not Want Not!

It has been pretty quiet on the Pretty Local Challenge front lately, so to get things started again, we want to set a special challenge for you during August. 

Your challenge this month is to stop wasting food 

We want to encourage you to get creative with your food and love your leftovers!
Not only will learning to cut down on food waste be beneficial to the environment but it will also help to save you money.

Use our Pretty Local top tips to dramatically cut down your food wastage.

  • Plan and prepare: Make a food plan for the week with quick and simple meals. Think ahead as to what food preparation you will need to do, such as cutting up fruit and vegetables in the morning ready for the evening meal.
  • Be shop savvy: Before shopping check what you have in the fridge and cupboards so you only buy what you actually need. Shop little, often and locally for fresh and quality produce.
  • Buy wonky fruit and veg: Don't be put off by the weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, it all tastes delicious.
  • Use your leftovers: Really think about how to reuse the same food. Either add it to a different meal for extra flavour and bulk or get creative in the kitchen by turning it into something else. Use leftover meat and fish for salads and sandwiches. Use leftover vegetables as a base for soup. Use bolognese sauce on a pizza base or leftover risotto as arancini.  Think of 'ingredients' and not 'leftovers'.
  • Store Food properly in your fridge and freezer: Rather than throwing away any food, make the effort to label and store it properly. Perfect for when you are in a hurry and need to grab something for lunch out of the fridge. Ideal to freeze a large batch of food that can be used at a later date for a quick and convenient dinner.
  • Start a compost: What better way to use up any unwanted food than to set up a compost in your garden as a useful natural fertiliser.
  • Track your waste: Make a list of any food you end up with as waste. It will help to identify what you don't need to buy and what you don't use. All helping towards saving money.
  • Donate unwanted food: We all have food that we can spare. Instead of throwing it away and sending it to landfill, give it to a local food bank where it will be greatly appreciated by someone who needs it.