What? No fish…

Since starting Pretty Local only 6 months ago I have learnt such a huge amount about so many of the amazing local producers we have in the South Hams. One of those producers is Malcolm, he and his partner Claire have built up their business over the last 18 months into what is now known as one of the best suppliers of local fish.

I chat to Malcolm about the trials and tribulations of the fishing business and learn why some weeks there are no fish on the website…
“A lot of people don’t understand that if the weather is bad then the fishermen don’t go out, I mean who would want to be at sea in a 20ft boat in gale force winds”

Crabbers race

Malcom and Claire only sell the best locally sourced fish from small day boats that fish from Salcombe and Brixham.
“When an order comes in on a Wednesday, I never know if I can actually get that particular fish until I get to the market on a Thursday morning, it’s a bit of a gamble! There have been times that I have even got to the market and its closed due to no boats having been out,” explains Malcolm.
“By selling a fish box I can still sell the freshest fish available, as I pick the best at the market or direct from the boats, and it means that if the fishermen haven’t caught a particular fish then I find something else”.

Hey why not give the fish box a go… You may be surprised by some of the amazing fish you receive. A box is enough for 2 people for three meals and all the fish is fileted and vacuum packed so that you can pop it in the freezer if you wish.

We are looking at options so that we can always offer you a wonderful selection of fish and would love your feed back on what’s important to you when it comes to buying locally sourced fresh fish…