Who gives a Cluck!

A decade ago celebrity chefs Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver campaigned for the big supermarkets to improve standards of chicken farming. Well 10 years on the RSPCA claims that not is all as it should be and Customers are still being lured into buying chicken reared in factory farms.

The RSPCA claim that supermarkets are still using labels such as “higher standardsand have images of birds being kept outdoors, for chicken being reared in industrial style systems.  

Claire Williams, of the RSPCA, said: "Supermarkets were quick to promise better welfare but 10 years later we've not made much meaningful progress. Although shoppers believe they're buying higher welfare, most birds sold are intensively reared indoors." 

While cost is obviously a huge factor when doing the weekly shop and chicken is top of the list for many shoppers. It is essential that customers are not being misled. Its worth remembering that to raise true Free Rangeor Organicchicken that has room to roam, isnt pumped full of antibiotics and lives a longer life (giving the meat depth of flavour) costs a huge amount more for the farmer than it would to raise intensively reared chicken.

Check the labels, check the price, if its too good to be trueIt probably is.  

We want to reassure our customers that when you buy from Pretty Local your are buying chickens that are free to roam, and totally Free Range, read more about the lovely family at Sladesdown Farm

Original source The Independent (Saturday Feb 2019)